How do I set up Automatic Payments?

Fully Automated Billing:

You can enter a payment method so that recurring invoices can be paid automatically when they are invoiced.

Right now you can choose either Credit Card or PayPal for this - automated direct debit is coming soon.

To set up automated recurring payments, log into your client portal at:

go to: Billing > Payment Methods and enter your card details, then

go to: Your Info > Edit Account Details and change your default payment method to 'Stripe' or 'PayPal'

New invoices generated by the system will automatically be billed through your chosen method using the details you entered.

Automatic Payment will be attempted 3 days before an invoice's due date and you'll be sent a confirmation if payment was successful - or a failure notification if it was unsuccessful.

If it was unsuccessful, please log into your client portal and manually pay the invoice before the due date.

Selective Automated Billing:

If you'd like to only automate some recurring bills (like monthly hosting, website care and domain renewals) you can leave the default billing method as 'Bank Transfer'

You can then go to the individual service and change the billing method for just that service - any other invoices created against your account will default to Bank Transfer.

Cancel Automatic Payments:

If you'd like to cancel a PayPal Subscription, it's best to do this through your PayPal account - or just send us a request to cancel and we'll handle it.

If you'd like to remove or replace a credit card, do this within the Payment Methods screen, where you can enter a new card and make it default.

If you'd like to return any other service to non-automated payments, please just select Bank Transfer within the individual service.

Credit Card Security

** For your security and Privacy - We don't keep your credit card details in our system at all **

Stripe generates a unique authorisation token that is stored within our system.

This unique token is generated so that it can only be used by our system for the duration of the card's validity period at the time you authorise it.

If for any reason that token is revoked, you'll need to enter the card details again.