How do I transfer domains into my Ranges Account?

Keep it Simple

New ideas that become profitable ventures all start with registering the right web domains, right?

Like most people, we started with accounts and domain registrations strewn all over the web with the usual suspects like GoDaddy, CrazyDomains, Google, Wix etc.

That gets confusing quickly, with all of them emailing, upselling and competing for your business.

For growing businesses, simplifying and streamlining your different providers can be a huge win and helps reduce confusion and overheads.

Simply knowing you have one place to turn when you have technical questions is a huge comfort in the face of overwhelming complexity.

We've gone to considerable effort to make it easy for you to combine all of your business technology services into a single account,

including your domains, which are your keys to protecting, deploying and controlling your online assets.

a One Stop Shop

We aim to provide a single point of coordination for all of your business technology support needs - for yourself and for your staff as your business grows.

Ranges Technology is a reseller of web domains through Synergy Wholesale, one of the last remaining Australian-owned and managed registrars.

If both

Our client portal automates your domain registrations, renewals, payments and transfers from a single screen.

However, domain transfers need a tiny bit of effort from you, once, to get your domains imported and under our care.

Safe and Sound

Once imported, having your domains in our care makes it much simpler for us to support your business and rapidly provide solutions and changes to your infrastructure as needed.

To bring in a domain to your Ranges account you'll need to find a 'EPP code' normally available inside the management screen of your current registrar.

Sometimes also known as an EPP key, transfer code, domain authorisation code or domain password, this long string of letters, numbers (and sometimes symbols) enables you to migrate your active domain registration between registrars.

It also protects you against anyone mistakenly or deliberately modifying the ownership details of your domains without your permission.

Often, the larger registrars might make it somewhat difficult for you to find this code, though it will be there, somewhere. If you cannot find it, you can request it to be sent to you by your registrar, or by performing a domain password recovery operation if you have a .au domain.

Transfer your Domain

To bring your domains across, simply log into your Ranges account and visit this link:

or navigate to: Domains > Transfer Domains to Us

Enter the domain name that you wish to transfer into the form, then click transfer.

Only domains that are not registered in our system can be transferred in - if the domain is already found in our database, the transfer will be rejected.

We have also restricted the domain extensions that can be managed within our system to the ones commonly in use by Australian businesses - the available options are listed within the dropdown menu. (Typically we don't manage or renew premium domains as the pricing can fluctuate wildly, though we can do this on request manually)

If both of these conditions are satisfied, the transfer will proceed to the next step where you can select privacy protections (if applicable) and the nameservers you'd like to use.

By default, we pre-fill the nameservers with our own that work with our hosting servers, though if you already have an operational website and email, you should remove these before you commit to the transfer, so that your existing nameserver settings are carried over.

ADDITIONAL WARNING: The default nameservers and will only work with our cPanel hosting servers - if you have an existing site, do not forget to remove them before you initiate the transfer. We can recover these if you accidentally mess it up, with potentially just some website and email downtime as the worst case scenario.

Once you select any additional services you might want along with your registration, enter the EPP code into the appropriate box and test the transfer by clicking 'continue'.

Renew your Registration

If successful, the system will raise a transfer order, which will allow you to select an extension of the registration period, for 1,2 or 3 years.

Our domains are payable per year of registration - we don't do 'first year specials' to lure you in, then gouge you with expensive renewals the following year.

An invoice will be created, which, once paid will kick off the domain transfer process.

You will receive a confirmation email at the email address saved at your current registrar - you'll need to approve that transfer so that the system will continue with the transfer.

If this approval is not provided - the transfer will self-terminate after a few days and will need to be restarted.

Once approved, the system will update you once the transfer has completed - this can take up to 5 or 6 days depending on the losing registrar's transfer policies.

Follow Up

So that's it!

As we mentioned, it takes a little bit of effort, but only once.

If you absolutely don't have the patience to follow this process - you can ask one of our technicians to perform the transfer on your behalf.

Our backend systems can sometimes make it slightly easier for us to do multiple transfers at once - great if you have more than, say, 3 domains to transfer in.

You will need to send us the login details to your current registrar(s), though many of our customers find this to be a very convenient service.

Do reach out to us if you need any help with this process, of if you have questions about the expected behaviour prior to, during and after the transfer. 


EPP: The purpose of the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) is to allow registrars to perform various operations which are necessary when creating, renewing, transferring, modifying and deleting domain name registrations. EPP provides a remote interface into the registry database.